WTRI (Workplace Technologies Research Inc) fuses cutting edge cognitive science research with leading business and management practices to help you achieve specific quantifiable outcomes through

  • situation assessment

  • strategic rehearsal

  • dynamic modeling

  • cognitive assessment tools

Rapidly changing business environments create new demands that require organizations to discard older approaches to doing business. In this kind of dynamic environment, every organization exhibits basic cognitive deficits that can lead to poor group-level decision making and ultimately poor organization-wide performance.  WTRI has developed solutions that help teams and individuals confront the sources of failure and re-engineer their thinking.


Lia A. DiBello Ph.D.

President & Director of Research

As Research Director for WTRI, Dr. DiBello has developed many innovative (non-verbal) methods of assessing skill and business judgment among executives. She is the innovator behind the FutureView™ Profiler, which has been recognized as a theoretical and methodological breakthrough in knowledge elicitation and executive intelligence. It was also awarded an Innovative Technology Award by TechAmerica in 2008 and funded by research awards from the National Science Foundation.

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David M. Lehmann Ph.D., P.E.,CIRM

Vice President & COO

Dr. Lehmann has successfully built businesses from $10 million to $2 billion annual sales. As a leader and member of the management team he has experience in many aspects including strategy development and business investment, research and product development, engineering, operations, supply chain innovations, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), sales and marketing, overhaul and repair, and customer services.

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E. Sterling Chamberlain III

Vice President & Senior Technologist

Mr. Chamberlain is Chief Technology Officer for WTRI proprietary software products and the chief architect behind our key solutions, such as the Profiler, the FutureView Event Generator and a number of automated data collection systems for measuring business performance. He is regarded as having a unique ability to deploy state of the art, leading-edge technology for measurable business value.

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Patricia Seemann, M.D.

Executive Advisor

Former member of the Group Management Board of Zurich Financial Services. Since 1997 she has been advising CEOs and Senior executives of global, publicly traded firms, on maximizing their performance and that of their firms. She has extensive experience with advising CEOs and their teams on how to identify the most relevant obstacles to agility and growth and helps them find the change management and organizational development solutions that will fit their firm and its strategy. A recent client credits her advice and development support with contributing significantly to tripling the share price of the firm within 24 months.

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