September 2016

Oxford University Press will be publishing a comprehensive resource for researchers studying expertise. “The Oxford Handbook of Expertise: Research & Application” will be coming out in mid-2017. This will be the most authoritative and inclusive handbook on expertise, including both traditional and contemporary perspectives. Importantly, it will provide a multidiscipline-multimethod view of the state-of-the-science/engineering research on expertise.

As one of the most knowledgeable and respected scholars in the field, Lia DiBello has been invited to author the section on “Expertise in Business”. We are very excited about the handbook – a much needed reference – and the recognition by the Expertise Research community.

August 2016

WTRI’s and GPR’s Dehler’s Joint Venture Company, Simmersal Solutions Inc. is currently hosting a major virtual world safety event at Digger’s and Dealer’s Annual Mining Conference. The event is a virtual world underground competition with 16 teams (working as underground “crews”) of participants from the leading mining companies competing for a prize. This year the conference was held in Kalogeria, Australia. Our team joined “crews” of participants, logging in from Tasmania, Hawaii, Sydney and San Diego. WTRI’s Dr. Whit Missildine is attending in person with some of the GPR team. Participants were mining professionals at the conference.



June 2016

20160609_103113WTRI conducts a strategic rehearsal with Tri-C Community College leadership and Faculty. The purpose is to develop effective programs that will increase the graduation/completion rate of students in the Tri-C system. The event was part of a larger, college-wide effort, “One Door Many Options for Success Initiative” supported by the Cleveland Foundation. WTRI’s Dr. Whit Missildine and Shelby Smith delivered an outstanding event.

It is hard to describe the impact of the simulation developed for us by WTRI. … Our challenge was to increase student graduation rates… As a result of the simulation we now have an enthusiastic cohort advocating the use of new software tools and methods for student outreach. Working in the simulation accelerated the realization of the need for change and training. Two of the innovations developed during the simulation have already been approved for College-wide implementation. In a word, AMAZING!
Dr. T. Pope, Campus President, TRI-C Community College.

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June 2016

Picture1In collaboration with Dr. Michael Raisinghani of Texas Women’s University, a cohort of MBA students will be using a development version of an accelerated learning product for “hands on” experience with complex project management. This on-going research is funded by the National Science Foundation to explore ways to use simulations to advance complex skills.

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February 2016

boardWTRI’s Annual in-person Advisory Board meeting was held in San Diego. This year we evaluated our progress toward scalable solutions and productizing our most profitable services. We were happy to report marked growth, a successful transition to a new business model emphasizing our technologies, and discuss the next steps. In addition, we welcomed a new member, Mark Juergensen.

January 2016

ibm-logo-transparent-300x143WTRI is pleased that IBM Global Business is considering one of our new products, now under development: Accelerating Expertise in Project management for Project Teams. This is a challenging exercise for High Potentials designed to increase expertise in navigating complex projects.



January 2016

takedaWTRI will be working with Takeda Pharmaceuticals beginning early 2016 on a number of challenges related to increasing Cognitive Agility for R&D teams worldwide. We are pleased to be working with our partners at the 3 AM Group.

September 2015

downloadWTRI and The Project Management Institute are collaborating on research to apply WTRI’s accelerated learning technology to Project Management Capability development. The National Science Foundation funded the seminal research on the application of our accelerated learning approach to the development of expertise in project management and will continue as a co-investor in support for this important collaboration. We look forward to an exciting couple of years.

September 2015

NSF-Logo-620x320The National Science Foundation nominated our company for one of ten paid sponsorships to attend the New England Venture Summit hosted by youngStartUp Ventures in Boston, MA on December 8-9, 2015. This event brings together more than 500 VCs, angels, representatives from large industrial companies and tech transfer professionals. NSF recently sponsored the New York Venture Summit in June 2015 hosted by this group, and paid for selected NSF grantees to attend. NSF leaders were quite impressed with the quality and quantity of investors in attendance and the networking opportunities were excellent. As with the NY Summit, sponsored companies in Boston will pitch their technology/company to an audience of potential investors, bankers and strategic partners and receive coaching for the presentation.

July 2015

WTRI land in SLWTRI’s new offices in Second life are now open! Please contact us to schedule an in-world meeting to discuss our products or for a solutions overview or just a walk in our wonderful wooded sim. You will need a Second life Avatar to visit us. If you don’t have an Avatar, we can lend you one.

November-December 2014

web5One of the largest underground mining companies in the world commissions WTRI to build a model of one of the company’s underground mine in order to test emergency response plans for the future tunnels. Testing with 50 workers showed that rehearsing hazard identification and escape resulted in 100% survival (a 20% increase in the simulated environment) and 50% increase in speed of response to major incidents.

July 2014

NSF-Logo-620x320WTRI receives a Phase II Award from the National Science Foundation for its new product: “Accelerating Project Management Skills Development through “Experience”; Realistic Rehearsal for Project Teams in 3-Dimensional Immersive Virtual Environments.”

June 2014

517VPtg9YBL._SX346_BO1,204,203,200_Dr. Lia DiBello’s new book “Accelerated Expertise: Training for High Proficiency in a Complex World” is out. Order on Amazon.

June 2013

51kmad7XDRL._SY291_BO1,204,203,200_QL40_WTRI’s publishes a chapter In “Web-Based and Blended Educational tools and Innovations”. Order on Amazon.

June 2013

WTRI receives a Phase I award from the National Science Foundation for its new product: “Accelerating Project Management Skills Development through “Experience;” Realistic Rehearsal for Project Teams in 3-Dimensional Immersive Virtual Environments.”

May 2013

E.S. Chamberlain wins his fifth IT Executive of the Year Award for his innovative work on virtualizing business simulations and creating the ability to “drop in” virtual business simulations to any location in the world.

Summer 2012

“WTRI customer, Proterra Inc., has important achievement.” For more information, click here. Summer 2012 WTRI and GPR Dehler of Australia and the UK form a joint venture for its virtual world Mining applications. For details on Simmersal Solutions’ inaugural product, click on this link.

April 2012

E.S. Chamberlain wins his fourth IT Executive of the Year Award for his innovative work on business simulations and the integration of business technology into business simulations.

March 2012

Dr. Lia DiBello is a guest on Ashford Talk Radio, talking about the future of eLearning with virtual worlds.

February 2012

Dr. Lia DiBello is a speaker at the Annual Society of Consulting Psychology’s Mid-Winter conference discussing the results for client using WTRI’s Profiler™ for assessing senior executive’s cognitive agility and business acumen.

January 2012

The famous Aimee Weber from Aimee Weber Studios visits our “Lynchpin Global” world and endorses the project for the second phase of funding.

December 2011

WTRI wins an NSF research award for its Lynchpin Global virtual world educational environment. This 3-D immersive virtual world will be developed over a period of two years with assistance from NSF, partner universities and companies. The goal is to accelerate the time needed to develop high level project management expertise. The participants will “rehearse” and solve “tough cases” in a virtual world controlled by WTRI’s FutureView Software. We will be looking for partner schools and companies in the fall of 2012.

Fall 2011

WTRI helps large copper mining company with a game changing strategy. We developed a customized exercise on efficient and productive block cave mining. The exercise, held in Australia in late fall, replicated the company’s future mining, processing and technological future. The team devised tactics for meeting their goals in the two day exercise.

August 2011

The Final Report of the January 2011 US Marine Corps Small Unit Decision Making Workshop has been released by the US Marine Corps Training and Education Command. Edmund Chamberlain was a key member of that working group.

Spring 2011

WTRI designs a major event for a European Financial Services company, combining its proven method of physical business emulation with its capability in Virtual worlds. The result is a dynamic and exciting two day event that is truly global in nature. 50 top executives from a major financial services firm participated.

April 2011

E. Sterling Chamberlain is a finalist for two different Information Technology Executive of the Year Awards. One is sponsored by Cox Communication and the other sponsored by San Diego Magazine.

January 2011

61dHoI6t2RL._SX373_BO1,204,203,200_A case study involving WTRI’s FutureView™ Profiler is featured as Chapter 17 of the soon to be released book, Informed by knowledge: Expert Performance in Complex Situations (Expertise: Research and Applications Series) Kathleen L. Mosier (Editor), Ute M. Fisher (Editor). Available now on Amazon.

June 2010

A case study involving WTRI’s FutureView™ Profiler will be featured as Chapter 17 of the soon to be released book, Informed by knowledge: Expert Performance in Complex Situations (Expertise: Research and Applications Series) Kathleen L. Mosier (Editor), Ute M. Fisher (Editor). Available now on Amazon. April 2010 Lia DiBello Ph.D. was elected to the Knowledge Elicitor’s Guild as a Master Level member. For more information about the Guild, contact Dr. Robert Hoffman at the Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition.

December 2009

1405179570WTRI’s FutureView Profiler was described in Senior Executive Assessment, A key to responsible corporate governance by Dr. Dean Stamoulis, who is the leader of Russell Reynold’s Global Executive Assessment Practice. Our product was described under “Recent developments in Cognitive Assessment” as part of a comprehensive approach to assessing senior executives.

October 2009

Dr. Lia DiBello was honored with the “Women Who Mean Business Award” (WWMB) at the 16th annual award luncheon held on October 27th, 2009. The event was attended by over 800 people and acknowledged 25 successful and motivated women business leaders for their talent and contributions to business and San Diego. Meg Whitman, former President and Chief Executive Officer of eBay, delivered the Keynote. Awards which were presented by Armon Mills, President and Publisher and Reo Carr, Editor-in-Chief and Associate Publisher of the San Diego Business Journal.

April 2009

The San Diego Business Journal acknowledged Sterling Chamberlain as a finalist of the 2009 Information Technology Executive of the Year Awards sponsored by Cox Business. An event to honor the eighty finalists and thirteen honorees took place on Thursday, April 23, 2009 at the Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines. The finalists and honorees were featured in the April 27th issue of the San Diego Business Journal.

March 2009

In a joint venture the Blue Mine Group Inc and WTRI are developing a Virtual World Sales OpSim™ The on-line, multi-player environment will emulate a competitive world in which users must sell complex products to a variety of customers while at the same time managing their pipeline. The product prototype is based on a hybrid of the dominant selling models used by high performing sales experts. However, any selling model or product mix can be imported into the OpSim™. The product will be demonstrated at the upcoming 3D Training Learning and Collaboration Conference sponsored by Gallaudet University, Washington D.C. April 20-21. Come and visit our booth!

January 2009

Published in The International Journal of Cognition, Technology & Work: “Information technologies and intuitive expertise: A method for implementing complex organizational change among New York City Transit Authority’s bus maintainers.” By DiBello, L. and Missildine, W.

January 2009

Published in the International Journal of Mind, Culture, and Activity: “Intuitive Expertise and Empowerment: The Long Term Impact of Simulation Training on Changing Accountabilities in a Biotech Firm” by DiBello, Missildine & Struttmann. To appear in the Fall 2008

September 19, 2008

WTRI has been chosen as one of four finalists in the American Electronics Association (AeA) San Diego Council’s 15th annual High Tech Awards. Specifically, this was for our product, the Cognitive Profiler, which is enjoying great success among our customers. For more information about the Profiler, please call our office and we will get you in touch with a representative the same day.

September 8, 2008

National Science Foundation features WTRI in it’s “Research in Action” Website. OpSims™ help win the X Prize From page 15 of The Rocket Company, 2005, AIAA publishers “Tom (Rabbet) had also hired some industrial psychologists to develop business/engineering simulations of the vehicle development process. Their work was based on that of Dr. Lia DiBello and her team, who had proved so successful in turning around dysfunctional businesses. As modified for the problem facing Tom, DiBello’s techniques were applied to develop simulations of the engineering development, flight test, and production of a launch vehicle. Using these simulations, the engineering, management and support teams conducted exercises running from two days to a week, in which real strategies for working more effectively as a group were experienced. By this means, Tom hoped to build a team that had the equivalent of many years’ of experience working together developing and producing aerospace systems.”

April 3, 2008

Made in IBM Labs: IBM Develops a “Rehearsal Studio” to Let You Practice Your Job in a 3-D World. New 3-D studio helps IBM employees gain hard-to-learn skills in a virtual world.