Live Rehearsal
Live Rehearsal
Live Rehearsal

WTRI’s Rehearsal is a powerful, immersive simulation methodology that transforms the tacit knowledge of your employees toward new strategic and operational goals.

This game-based learning approach accelerates the development of expertise in your organization through targeted trial and error.

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Why would I need a Rehearsal?

Broadly speaking, The Rehearsal is a simulation-based “immersive intervention” in which workers engage with a reality-analogous version of their business environment in a compressed time period.  The Rehearsal provides a “safe-fail” environment in which to rehearse strategies to address current challenges or crises or to anticipate future uncertainties. By targeting dysfunctional cognitive frameworks around “business as usual”, The Rehearsal has shown dramatic financial turnarounds for companies on the brink of disaster. Applicable to everyone from managers to front-line workers, The Rehearsal accelerates learning and change to align organizational behavior with high-level strategic goals.

How does it work?

The key to the success of The Rehearsal is learning through repetitive trial and error. Those who participate in the process unlearn outdated or unaligned knowledge and behaviors, while practicing and learning implicitly how to deliver on non-negotiable goals. It allows participants to fail in the face of real time feedback and invent novel solutions until the goal is reached, drawing concrete links between behaviors and long-term consequences.

The Rehearsal elicits innovation and agility from within the participants. The process works by reframing and revitalizing the storehouse of existing expertise among the individuals in your organization. This process drives new behaviors that are aligned with current goals. The “vision” and “imagination” of what’s possible in terms of organizational performance emerges from within rather than being engineered from the top.

Through a process of iterative trial and error, the Rehearsal gives you the opportunity to re-design your work practices to meet the demands of your current or anticipated business environment. Workers are able to “unlearn” maladaptive mental models and “reorganize” their extensive content knowledge to meet the demands of the situation.

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