Designed by a team of cognitive scientists and expert, industry-seasoned economists, the Profiler not only saves time and money, but highlights money making opportunities. The Profiler is an innovative tool created to identify future leaders and assess business acumen along various domains that are critical to success.

Succession Planning

Enhance your leadership pipeline by identifying your strongest employees.

Professional Development

Find your blind spots and receive guidance for improvement in these areas.

Team Capability

Assess your team’s performance on a holistic level. Examine areas of excellence and weakness.

WTRI’s Profiler identifies the strengths, weaknesses and blind spots of teams, managers and executives. Developed to help companies mitigate costly mistakes made by unproven leadership, the Profiler helps you answer the question “Who will lead?” in both individual executives and teams in the context of the company’s strategic goals.

Why do I need the Profiler?

The need to evaluate, and maximize, the leadership capabilities within an enterprise is clear. However, traditional tools from studies of leadership have not produced the desired results. Traditional assessments attempt to isolate specific characteristics (for example, charisma and assertiveness) within top management officials. Contrary to common beliefs, these traits have little relation to successful management in real world practice. Such models of leadership ignore the complex and dynamic nature of expertise in business.

The Profiler characterizes an individual’s business acumen along various domains that research has shown are critical to success. First, it plots the user on a novice to expert continuum and identifies areas in need of development or areas of unusual strength. Further, it reveals a person’s degree of cognitive agility, defined as the ability to adjust thinking quickly when business climates change. Cognitively agile managers are more likely to develop the ability to intuitively anticipate future events as well as enable particular outcomes through their actions. Lastly, it identifies one’s own assessment of their performance, revealing their ability to calibrate their own strengths and blind spots.

How does it work?

Using data from real companies, the user navigates through a real business case, making predictions and finding clues to problems as the case unfolds over a number of years. The user’s progress through the task is compared to what actually happened to the company based on its strategy. Cognitive agility is measured based on the user’s ability to adjust their thinking as they get more information and forward simulate potential risks or opportunities. Based on what we know of the company’s history (but the user does not) we can assess how an expert would have judged the situation. In this way, their level of expertise in each area does not rely on self-reported data, but is generated via comparison against actual performance and expert judgment.

The Profiler has been used for:

  • Succession planning
  • The formation of strategic teams
  • Executive committee coaching
  • Hiring
  • Staff development
  • Executive MBA courses