Virtual World Rehearsal
Virtual World Rehearsal

Virtual World Rehearsal


The Virtual World Rehearsal provides immersive experiences that accelerate the development of expertise. We provide dynamic simulations of high risk projects in low risk and low cost environments. Gain the intuitive decision making skills that take years to acquire in a few short weeks.

Project Management

Deliver on non-negotiable goals, while managing one of our complex projects. Develop the skills to excel on your next project.

Mergers & Acquisitions

A vast majority of these projects end in failure. Prepare your team for success and rehearse your strategy.

Custom Simulations

Our team of economists and cognitive scientists can craft a solution tailored specifically to your needs.

WTRI’s Virtual Worlds Rehearsal provide cutting edge, immersive experiences that can transform behavior and accelerate learning in complex situations. Offering rich, dynamic environments at a low cost and remote participation allows for scalable training solutions across your organization.

Our game-based learning approach applied in a Virtual World accelerates the development of expertise for complex, difficult to train activities involving group or individual skills.

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Why Virtual Worlds?

Similar to The Rehearsal, our Virtual Worlds solutions offer a simulation-based “immersive intervention” in which workers engage with a reality-analogous version of their business environment in a compressed time period. However, the Virtual Worlds solutions allow for more complex environments and are better applied to expertise that requires intensive experience of high stakes events. Many jobs require expertise in handling events that one doesn’t encounter often in real life, but that has enormous consequences if not managed appropriately. Mine safety, project management, and first-responder training are some of the many domains that are difficult to train for without direct experience of these uncertain, high-stakes events. The Virtual World allows us to build rich, complex training environments where participants can confront difficult situations, make expensive mistakes and practice responses until the skill set has become embedded.

How does it work?

Just as in The Rehearsal, the key to our Virtual Worlds events is learning through repetitive trial and error. Those who participate in the process unlearn outdated or unaligned knowledge and behaviors, while practicing and learning implicitly how to deliver on non-negotiable goals. It allows participants to fail in the face of real time feedback and invent novel solutions until the goal is reached, drawing concrete links between behaviors and long-term consequences.

We elicit innovation and agility from within the participants. Through a process of iterative trial and error, workers are able to “unlearn” maladaptive mental models and “reorganize” their extensive content knowledge to meet the demands of the situation.