FutureView™ Cognitive Agility Assessment Tool

FutureView™ Cognitive Agility Assessment Tool (Profiler)

Our FutureView™ Cognitive Agility Assessment Tool is an advanced, web-enabled profiling and assessment tool for senior executives who want to profile managerial ability and identify business blind spots without relying on self-report type assessments.

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As a platform, it can be adapted to limitless industries and management levels with customized coach-ready reports capturing:

  1. Cognitive Agility
  2. Business Acumen
  3. Persistent Blind Spots
  4. Recommendations for Development

How does it work?

The FutureView™ Profiling is the first commercially viable, practical tool to assess high-level expert decision-making skills that does not rely on a candidate’s self-reported data. It can be used for selecting job candidates or identifying and developing incumbent skills and identifying blind spots, at both individual and team levels. FutureView™ Profiling specifically measures how decision makers leverage their subject matter expertise to make critical business decisions. While it can be used as a stand-alone profiling tool, it is best used as an addition to the personality, leadership and interviewing techniques used today. It is not intended to replace them but to fill out the picture for a better fit for candidate selection or incumbent development.

Traditional assessment tools used by executive search firms and in-house hiring practices measuring fit and managerial ability focus on three primary domains: personality, general mental ability, and leadership ability. While these assessments can be very useful, we believe that they fail to adequately predict managerial success, because they primarily rely on self-report measures. In other words, whether through interviewing or pencil and paper tests, personality and leadership measures allow candidates to anticipate desirable answers without forcing them to demonstrate concrete managerial ability. General mental ability measures, while demonstrating a concrete ability, do not activate context relevant expertise. And lastly, none of them address the issue of cognitive agility.

Provided with the description of the situation as it was stated by the management of the company, the candidate is asked to respond to a company’s situation over a series of years, predict a number of outcomes and reveal their reasoning and the extent that they are aware of their reasoning. As the situations are real companies, the candidate’s performance can be compared with the actual outcomes under varying needs, allowing the tool to profile both their accuracy and the suitability of their mental models for interpreting situations and changing needs. In addition, companies looking to assess a more specific problem in their team can request a customized profiling and assessment layer. Fit in selection, and development for incumbents is worth a lot to an organization’s stakeholders. As such, FutureView™ Profiling combines measures of fit, managerial ability, and “cognitive agility” in one tool with an emphasis on concrete outcomes.